How Can Tear Trough Rejuvenation Clear Up My Under Eye Problem?

Lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, genetics, and aging are the common factors of having a sunken eye. It creates dark circles around the eyes and appears hollow. It is one of the hardest to treat because it’s like working on a paper-thin skin that is very delicate. Getting a professional to work on your eyes can bring back the life and vibrance your face needs through tear trough rejuvenation. Simplicity Medspa has that kind of quality service.

What are sunken eyes?

Sunken eyes are the dark shadow or saggy skin found under your eyes, making your eyes look dull and tired. It is completely harmless and does not have serious side effects. However, some sunken eyes are effects of a medical condition.

What are the causes of sunken eyes?

Having sunken eyes or also known as tear trough hollows, affects your overall facial appearance. It also affects your psychological and social interaction with other people. Losing confidence, and often misunderstood as not interested, lethargic, or stressed even if you ensure that you have enough rest, are just some of the misconception of having a tired-looking eye.


The bodily structure of a person is the result of the genetic combination of an individual. Some are born with deep shallow eyes and more prominent bones, while others are lucky to have a perfectly structured body.


Our body produces collagen, which is essential in keeping a young skin. Collagen is a protein found in the body that functions to replace the dead skin cells. As we age, we lose 1% each year of the collagen and results in saggy skin. We also lose some fats and body density that adds up to the already-loose skin. In effect, our skin becomes thinner, and the hollowing of the eyes becomes visible.

Weight loss

The fats and muscles define the overall body shape of a person. When you are overweight, there is an increase in volume across your entire body. It stretches your skin, making you look full. On the other hand, drastic weight loss decreases the body density making your blood vessels translucent, creating visible dark circles and hollows around your eyes.

Lack of sleep

The body needs a regular eight hours of sleep within 24 hours. More than the recommended hours lead to headaches, cognitive impairment, and depression, while lack of sleep increases high blood pressure, blurry vision, and sunken eyes. Allowing the body to rest within the allotted time frame enables your body to regenerate new cells and restart your bodily function. Good sleep reduces stress, improves your mood, relaxes your eyes, and prevent eye spasm.


Lack of fluid in the body enables the blood vessels to be more prominent. Dehydration causes dark circles around the eyes because the skin is close to the eyes’ underlying bone.

What is the treatment to reduce the appearance of Tear Trough hollows?

Identifying the cause of a sunken eye gives you the advantage of avoiding it, from having enough sleep to drinking a lot of water. There is also a cosmetological solution to address the issue. It is called Tear trough Rejuvenation.

Is a Tear Trough a deformity?

Tear Trough is not a deformity. Every person’s structures and lifestyle vary that may cause such appearance. It is only a side effect or genetically born.

What is Tear Trough Rejuvenation?

Tear Trough Rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure. It uses dermal fillers injected directly under your eyes, eyelids, and cheeks area. Dermal fillers help restore your eyes’ volume, increase the puffiness, and soften the skin’s lines and creases. It is composed of hyaluronic

acid that creates a hydrated appearance. Its hydrophilic nature tends to attract a lot of water into the injected area, causing an expansion of fillers surrounding it. The first attempt may not be your desire as a final result because the volume of the filler given is initially at a minimal dose. It is also more prone to bruising and swelling since underneath the eyes are the most sensitive. The procedure may look simple, but it is the hardest part to treat in the face. The skin under our eyes is delicate and thin, which makes it a complicated procedure. A thin skin reveals a ubiquitous appearance of the fillers’ imperfections because it has less to no fats that cover it up.

Can Tear Trough rejuvenation harm the eyes and cause permanent damage?

There are always risk in any medical procedure. Choosing a licensed and experienced specialist can ensure your safety. It is also crucial that you inform any medical concerns or allergies that you have to eliminate complications.

How can Tear Trough rejuvenation clear up my under eye problem?

Identifying the cause of your tear trough is necessary to aid how the practitioner can perform the treatment. It can either be a pseudo or a true tear trough. The difference between the two is that the pseudo is caused by dehydration, dramatic weight loss, lack of sleep, and the like, while real tear troughs are because of genetic issues. There is a simple way to identify which is which. Using your finger, press the skin under your eyes, pushing the fats up. If the hollow goes away when you press it, it is a pseudo type of tear trough. When you pull your eyes’ lids and have the same result, it’s also a pseudo-type. However, if there are no changes and the hollow remains the same, it is a real tear trough.

The hyaluronic acid fillers are a gel-like substance that helps lifts the sunken eyes to provide the lost volume. The filler also helps smoothen the skin surrounding your eyes. It is also present inside the body that functions to retain the body’s fluid to keep the tissues well lubricated. Hyaluronic acid helps promotes smoother and healthier skin. Since it is a non-invasive treatment, the effects of the procedure are natural.

Is Tear Trough rejuvenation painful?

The injection procedure in itself makes the treatment uncomfortable. There is an available topical solution applied unto your face for numbness, so you don’t feel a thing. So technically, you won’t feel anything throughout the procedure.

How long does Tear Trough rejuvenation last?

The treatment results are noticeable right after the procedure but take about a week or ten days to see the final result. It has a few days of downtime recovery, and you may notice bruising and swelling. The effects of the tear trough rejuvenation are not permanent. It usually lasts for about a year or two. Follow up treatments are necessary to maintain its effects. Although keeping a healthy lifestyle minimizes its comeback.

The eyes are the most expressive and the most noticeable part of the body at first glance. Eye bags, dark circles, hollow, and sagging eyes make you look exhausted. Although there are home remedies that can lighten the sunken eyes, it does not solve the problem. If having a tear trough affects your daily life, addressing it through tear trough rejuvenation can help eliminate your worries. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this treatment may not be just for you for the moment. Whether your sunken eyes are genetically or lifestyle acquired, Simplicity MedSpa has a trained practitioner to perform the treatment to give your eyes volume, diminish dark circles, and smoothen your skin.