PRP for Hair Restoration

Achieve Fuller, Thicker Hair with PRP for Hair Restoration in Seattle, WA!

Premature hair loss is a condition that affects millions of men and women every year. While extensive grafting procedures have traditionally been the only way to restore your natural hair, we offer a safer, non-surgical alternative at Simplicity Medspa – PRP for hair restoration.

Serving Shoreline, Washington, and the greater Seattle area, Simplicity Medspa is led by Debra Tri, ARNP. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the benefits of PRP for safe, non-surgical hair restoration.

What is PRP?

Renowned for its ability to promote tissue regeneration and skin healing from the inside out, platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is currently in use in several fields of medicine. It also has several benefits in aesthetic treatments, including non-surgical hair restoration. PRP is created from the patient’s own blood in a sterile, multi-step process:

  • A small sample of blood is extracted and spun through a special centrifuge
  • This process separates the liquid portion of the blood, or plasma, from the rest of the blood and infuses the plasma with growth factors
  • The PRP is then extracted from the rest of the blood sample and reintroduced to the patient. As the body easily recognizes and processes its own resources, this is a biocompatible treatment with a high rate of patient satisfaction.

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Are you looking for a safer, more natural solution to restoring your hair loss? PRP for hair restoration may be the solution for you. During this process, the PRP is either injected or applied topically to targeted areas on the scalp. Once absorbed into the skin, PRP can have multiple benefits:

  • Stimulating inactive hair follicles for natural hair regrowth
  • Reducing hair loss
  • Creating thicker hair regrowth


Studies regarding PRP for hair restoration are ongoing, but many patients experience satisfactory results as part of a regular, ongoing treatment plan. At Simplicity Medspa, we utilize the Eclipse® PRP system to ensure the best quality PRP for your treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As PRP is derived from your own blood, this treatment typically carries no complications or side effects. Slight bruising, swelling, redness, or itching may occur at sites of injection, but these are typically mild and subside quickly after treatment. Men and women are typically able to return to work and normal activities after every session, and a thorough examination will be performed prior to your procedure to ensure that PRP for hair restoration is safe for you.

Results may vary, and our experienced medical team will discuss your treatment options, what you can expect, and how many sessions you may require during your consultation.

If you’re ready to experience fuller, thicker hair regrowth without surgery or downtime, contact Simplicity Medspa today to schedule a consultation.


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