Trileana hCG Weight Loss Therapy

Science of Thin

Science of Thin

Simplicity is proud to annouce that Trileana is now available as part of our weight loss therapy program.

Trileana® contains three ingredients that make this product one of the most effective weight loss products on the
market. The key to Trileana® ’s success are the three ingredients that have been added to make weight loss incredibly
fast and safe.

Choline: a lipotropic compound. Choline, of the vitamin B family, is capable of converting fats in the liver into energy.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: an amino acid that accelerates fat loss, increases performance and has cognitive benefits.

Creatine: an amino acid that works to increase ATP, the energy of our cells, and thus, increase muscle mass and fat
loss through improved energy.

All three of these powerful ingredients are designed to increase fat loss, increase energy and promote health while
on the program. No other weight loss product on the market can claim the safe, quick, and effective weight loss that
patients have experienced while using Trileana®. By adding two amino acids and a lipotropic compound, we have created
the trifecta of weight loss products!

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