Viveve a treatment for womens sensitive health issues. A single treatment with a single focus, non painful, non invasive, in office procedure, clinically demonstrated results, that takes 45 minutes. Getting back to you! Activities that are pee free! Want to know more schedule your complimentary assessment to see if you might benefit from this single treatment therapy for stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity or dryness.

Today I performed my first Viveve treatment using the protocol for stress urinary incontinence. The client did very well with treatment. She fell asleep. It took about 40 minutes from start to finish. Viveve is approved in Canada for mild to moderate urinary stress incontinence and vaginal laxity. Viveve is now being offered at Simplicity Medspa.
I’ve had hundreds of women clients over the past 11 years in Aesthetic practice who have shared with me their complaints of urinary stress incontinence. I personally have had issues with this problem. I have a history of giving vaginal birth to two large babies, I was also a long distance runner up into my mid forties. Then four years ago I was diagnosed with a large urethral diverticulum. It was a bulging out of the urethra much like a diverticulum of the colon. I had to have surgery to correct it. I had to recover by having a urinary catheter in place for two weeks post surgery. It was that time that I was able to talk with my clients about why I was wearing a urine leg bag while working. I was astounded at how many of my clients had some form of urinary stress incontinence. So in short, I had a long road to recovery to gain back my urine control. It was during my rehabilitation using pelvic muscle control physical therapy and biofeedback training that I realized that part of my problem was hyper contraction of my urinary sphincter. I was holding tight all of the time, so when I really needed to hold my urine, my sphincter was fatigued and I would leak urine. So part of my recovery process was learning how to relax my sphincter, so that when I needed to hold it in, I was able to.
As a result of my personal journey with urinary stress incontinence, I began to research treatment options that touted good results for USI. Thermva, MonaLisa, Fem-touch, Votiva, Julliet, and Emsula. I tried a few of these treatment modalities with some positive results. However, none of them were single treatments. Some required three treatments, some required four to six treatments. None of them had FDA approval for improving SUI. But to me it was worth a try. Then I began to research Viveve. I read the studies performed in Canada and then look at the on going trials here in US. I was very impressed with the “one and done” treatment aspect of Viveve. It is a one time treatment in Canada for the treatment of mild to moderate SUI. As a result of the three years of research in female vaginal rejuvenation and SUI, I have chosen to bring Viveve into my clinical practice. I am excited to say that today I performed my first treatment on a client. She stated that it was painless and fell asleep during the procedure. There is an assessment process to determine if you are appropriate candidate. There are contraindications for treatment as well. Pregnancy, Implanted Difibrillator, or uterine, vaginal, bladder prolapse are reason not to have this procedure and expect positive results.
If you would like to learn more about this new treatment technology, Viveve. Please feel comfortable to schedule a compiimentary consultation at Simplicity Medspa. Where restoration, results and relationships matter. Stop the Leak! We are only a text, online booking or call away.